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No Code Building Blocks

Model Training

Train datasets with cutting-edge models. In addition, you can quickly Customize Model Parameters, Compare and analyze multiple training outcomes in one place.

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Model Inference

Test the trained model, with our inference flow and see what works best for you.

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Upload media data into highly scalable data lake storage. Automated metadata management & effective centralized storage management.

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Shared With Me

Shared data can be accessible to multiple people who have access to the folder. Edit and view access.

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Enabling Live collaboration of Users across Onestore and Datasets in the process of preparing & annotating for AI training.

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Image Image/EXIF properties

It is capable of storing such important data as camera exposure, date/time the image was captured, even GPS location, ISO metering, Aperture, and Focal length. (EXIF property)

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Analyze videos & images against benchmarked AI models to understand the data better. Generate categories and group images as clusters to visualize quality of data sourced.

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Multi Label Classification

multi label classification allows you to classify datasets with more than one target variable. The given input prediction may belong to more than one label. Several labels that are the outputs for a given prediction.

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Single Label

Single label if the input data consists of labelled images containing exactly one of multiple classes

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Object Detection(2D)

Object detection is a computer vision technique for locating instances of objects in images.

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Object Detection(3D)

3D object detection involves recognizing and determining 3D information, such as pose, volume, or shape, of user-chosen 3D objects in a photograph or range scan.

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Semantic Segmentation

Semantic segmentation is the process of associating each pixel of an image with a class label. Multiple objects of the same class as a single entity.

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Pose Detection Keypoints

Human Pose Estimation (HPE) is a way of identifying and classifying the joints in the human body. Essentially it is a way to capture a set of coordinates for each joint (arm, head, torso, etc.,) which is known as a key point that can describe a pose of a person. The connection between these points is known as a pair.

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Image Editor

Image editing refers to modifying or improving digital or traditional photographic images using different techniques, tools or software. Images produced by scanners, digital cameras or other image-capturing devices may be good, but not perfect.

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Data sourced as Videos need to be. analyzes to generate only Images relevant to use cases. This is enabled by a real-time frame selection from clips.

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Instance Segmentation

Instance segmentation is the task of detecting and delineating each distinct object of interest appearing in an image. instance segmentation treats multiple objects of the same class as distinct individual instances.

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Video Annotation

Video annotation is the process of labeling or tagging video clips which are used for training computer vision models to detect or identify objects. Unlike image annotation, video annotation involves annotating objects on a frame-by-frame basis to make them recognizable for machine learning models.

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Synthetic data is information that's artificially manufactured rather than generated by real-world events. Synthetic data is created algorithmically, and it is used as a stand-in for test datasets of production or operational data, to validate mathematical models and, increasingly, to train machine learning models.

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6+ AI Techniques

Work upon Single Label Classification, Multi Label Classification, 2D Annotation, 3D Annotatiion, Object Detection , Semantic Segmentation , Instance Segmentation , Landmark.

10+ Image Editing tools

Annotate with BBOX to Segmentation , Extreme Points and Interactive Segmentation.Draw Regions with BBOX , Pen Tool, Polygons, Adjust Image Brightness , Sharpness , Contrast , Hue.

Ultimate Media Toolbox

Choose images from Videos in real time. Augment images by generating Synthetic images over 40+ Scenarios. Stitch Images into Panormas. Crawl Images from Internet, based on the annotated regions.

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